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Lucas Medina, a traditional forest gardener

Lucas Medina, a traditional forest gardener

Lucas Botanical is located in the beautiful village of Bullet Tree Falls, Cayo district. Owned and managed by Lucas Medina, a traditional forest gardener.

On his farm he grows medicinal plants, fruit trees and vegetables organically.

Over the past sixteen years, Lucas has dedicated himself to learn the traditional ways of using, planting and identifying local plants. Some of the plants he grows are sugar cane, aloe vera, ginger, oranges, pineapple, mahogany, ornamentals, etc…

In truth it is in this simplicity that Lucas conducts every day life working on his farm with the wind blowing freely he fills his lungs.

Most of his products are sell in his local community where he has frequent buyers.

When asked what inspires him, Lucas answers “I give thanks and praises to my Creator who is my inspiration. I plant trees because I love to see them grow and produce” He recalls “I started my farm because it is my way of surviving; I have always been fond of Mother Nature and during my life, I will realize my goal. Although I have not met them all, I am determined to complete a great portion of it before I leave this world”.

Always full of time and love, Lucas welcomes visitors who want to learn about his culture.

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