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Arizona Expat cooling off with fresh coconut water in Belize

Fresh Coconut Water in Belize.

Cutting a Fresh Coconut in Belize

Cutting a Fresh Coconut in Belize

It was a hot but beautiful day here in Belize! We were out and about investigating the Belizean land and available properties for purchase. We decided to go check out a friends farm in the El Pilar area of Belize just outside of Bullet Tree Village. And Wow are we glad we did. We were hot and tired, but anxious to see the landscape of Belize and show our friends – future expatriates from Arizona – what Belize has to offer. We had the pleasure of viewing a beautiful farm, peering over the horizon at the magnificent views, and meeting a couple Belizean cowboys who showed us their gracious hospitality.

Drinking fresh coconut water in Belize

Drinking fresh coconut water in Belize

As we were all sharing stories and getting to know each other, the rains came for the afternoon. See it is rainy season here in Belize. The rainy season begins in June and ends in November. The big drops of rain were very refreshing as they cooled us off. And then the rain came down even harder, so we scurried under the nearest palm tree for a little cover. It was then that we were offered a drink of fresh coconut water. Our new cowboy friend took his machete and chopped a coconut from the tree. He then proceeded to chop the exterior skin until lancing the coconut in such a way that a hole was exposed to allow us to drink the water from the fresh coconut. I watched as he chopped each of us a fresh coconut. It was interesting how the water was not hot as you would think it would have been given the temperatures of the day. We all enjoyed our fresh drink under the very palm tree that had produced such a gift for us all. What might be considered a small gesture from a hospitable Belizean cowboy will be remembered always as one of our best life experiences here in Belize.


Coconut Water – Health Benefits

Tommy Fassbender  has listed seven reasons why it is good to drink coconut water.

“Coconut water is the purest liquid second only to water itself. It has many health benefits and uses that you probably did not know about.”

1. Coconut Water Hydrates the Body

2. Coconut Water Relieves Urinary Problems

3. Kills Intestinal Worms

4. Coconut Water Breaks up Kidney Stones

5. Coconut Water is Used in Blood Transfusion

6. Coconut Water is an Antibacterial

7. Coconut Water Controls Vomiting

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