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The Belize Zoo cleanup from Hurricane Richard

The Belize Zoo cleanup from Hurricane Richard

Hurricane Richard: The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is home to more than 125 animals of about 48 native species. These animals are native to Belize and are in The Belize Zoo for various reasons, most associated with rehabilitation.

The Belize Zoo was hit hard during the latest hurricane in Belize. Hurricane Richard leveled most of the vegetation at The Zoo while also taking with it some exhibits and damaging both the drainage and plumbing systems. Because of the widespread damage, The Belize Zoo will have to close to clean up and rebuild. The zoo depends heavily on ticket sales so closing the zoo will be a hardship on the facility overall. On the other hand, this unfortunate situation also gives The Belize Zoo an opportunity to build the zoo stronger and provide better facilities for the future of the zoo.

With the pouring in of volunteers and donations from all over the world, The Belize Zoo is able to open in only 5 weeks after the damage was done by Hurricane Richard. It was projected that the zoo would be close a lot longer.

Thanks to the many volunteers and the countless hours of work and care in getting the zoo back up an running while protecting all the animals.




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