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Belize Produce

How do you currently buy your produce? 

Well, it is a beautiful Sunday morning in the high 70s with a magnificent breeze. It’s quiet – just the birds and parrots chirping and the wind chimes singing as I sit on the verandah reading my latest favorite novel. Then comes the car with the wonderful lady bringing her produce so we can purchase our weeks supply of goodies. Fresh from the garden and organic – mmmm good!

I buy bananas, Jamaican limes, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peanuts, banana chips (better than potato chips by the way) some squash and lots more. I now have 4 large bags of a variety of organic produce and I spend approximately $40 BZE which is $20 USD. 

It is probably not to hard to surmise how charming it is to have a wonderful person come to you on a Sunday morning and bring you your produce at a fraction of the price you would pay in other countries. And no traffic or grocery stores to migrate, no worries, just absolute kindness and appreciation. I am honored to support the local vendors and I receive service in a way that I would not get to experience otherwise.

Within 15 minutes I am back to my wonderful cup of coffee, my novel, and a wonderful morning breeze. How wonderful and relaxing….

I will be making a big colorful fresh salad in a few hours for lunch! 

Living in Belize_Buying Organic Produce in Belize

A local produce vendor

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