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Adopt Rocky : Provide a loving home that he needs

“Rocky” is a very special dog indeed and therefore needs that special human.

Finding an appropriate ‘forever’ home for a pit bull mix is not easy.  All the wrong people want him for all the wrong reasons.

His history is sad but his future is bright and happy.  He loves unconditionally.

He lives for the moment and is a perfect companion either for an individual or a sports mined family.

He’d be awesome for a single lady, he wants to please so much, he is very trainable. 

He does not have bad breath which is good because he kisses a lot.

He walks so nicely on a chain and I get lots of admiring looks from both men and women when they see how calm and trained he is.

He needs to be the only dog in the family.

To learn about how to adopt Rocky please call the Belize number: 501.602.7947


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