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Medical Insurance in Belize

Medical Insurance in Belize : ExpatBelize.com gets many request each day from current EXPATs and future EXPATS wanting to know about Medical Insurance options for Belize.

In General, if you opt for the no insurance avenue while living in Belize:

There are local medical options, which are out of pocket, and inexpensive in Belize. Office visits are very low in cost, you can even have your X-rays if required done and take the films with you the same day back to your local physician who ordered them, or have your lab work done in town for a fraction of what the same test  would cost in the USA.

There are also the free hospitals here which EXPATS in Belize can also use, and most things are covered in Belize. If your particular medical issue is not covered, the fees are very nominal compared to medical expenses in other countries such as the USA.

Global Medical Insurance option for Expats Living in Belize

Many people traveling and living in Belize opt for this program as IMG has options for worldwide insurance.

For a free quote and to review the Global Medical Insurance options you can take advantage of …..all you need to do is follow this link: Medical Insurance for Expats in Belize and around the world




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