Lifeline Foundation
LIFELINE FOUNDATION is a charity trust relief organization which collects funds from the community and manages these funds, using the income to deliver food, medicine, clothing and other necessities to children who lack these essentials due to hunger, poverty or natural disaster.

Kim Simplis BarrowKim Simplis Barrow is the Founder and Director of Lifeline Foundation. She holds two Master’s Degrees, one in International Business and the other in Hospitality Management. After 10 years of management experience working in the tourism and hospitality industries, she now dedicates most of her time to helping abused, abandoned and neglected children in Belize, through her many charity works.
Lifeline Foundation"Lifeline Foundation" is a philanthropic charity trust geared towards raising money to benefit children at schools and orphanages who are in dire need of assistance in the form of feeding programs, medical care, and educational materials. "Lifeline Foundation" is committed to carrying out positive and impacting projects to help improve the quality of lives of our precious Belizean children.

Lifeline Foundation works in the Country of Belize. We focus on long-term development and prevention work to help children, their families and our communities to be self-sufficient. We’ll learn from the reality of children's lives and campaign for solutions to the problems they face.

Since its inception in March 2006, Lifeline Foundation has been successful in making a difference in the lives of thousands of our Belizean Children. The Foundation has been instrumental in developing one of the first breakfast feeding programs in Belize. The under-privileged children of Queen Square Anglican School are now able to start their day with a warm meal, thanks to the efforts of LifeLine. The Foundation continues to raise funds and contribute towards the ongoing maintenance of this feeding program.

Lifeline has also made a difference for the children at the Liberty Children’s home as the foundation made a significant contribution towards the educational program at the home.

Medical treatment was made possible for a child who needed Cardiac Surgery as Lifeline contributed to the Rotary Club of Belize "Gift of Life" Program.

Helping hungry, abused and abandoned children by involving the community is one of our main purposes.

The philosophy behind LIFELINE FOUNDATION

All children deserve the best start in life. Children have the right to live in a world where they have hope and opportunity.
Children need special care and assistance, without which they cannot fully develop their potential. Lifeline truly believes that the life of one person, if helped, can change the course of the world. You never know who that one little girl or boy could be.
Cornerstone Foundation Belize - Volunteers Welcome!
The Community
Tuesday, 31 March 2009 00:00
By Carmita Lemus
Cornerstone FoundationCornerstone is a local organization founded in the town of San Ignacio, district of Cayo, Belize, Central America. Our story started on July 18th 1999 when we were registered as a nonprofit organization with the Solicitor General's office and as a Non-Governmental Organization with the Ministry of Human Development.
We are a women's organization, started by women and run by women. Our concerns are for the whole community, and for every person regardless of their condition. Helping people learn where to find resources and how to improve their situation is what we are about. Cornerstone Foundation believes that everyone has valuable skills, often unknown to him or her. We try to help them to use their skills or enhance skills, which can then be used to generate income or can be beneficial in some other way. Cornerstone Foundation helps children in difficult home environments to learn life skills and sustainability; we advocate for children’s rights. We support women in violent situations to seek solutions and to empower them with skills that enable them to be able to achieve a degree of financial independence. We help families afraid of the unknown learn how to care for a loved one living with and often dying from HIV/AIDS. Cornerstone has worked with hundreds of organizations and individuals throughout the world to make a difference. We are proud of the work we have done and would like to thank the many people and organizations that have helped us to a common goal.
Cornerstone Foundation is built upon the work of many volunteers and interns from our local community and from abroad. Volunteering at Cornerstone is a hands-on education and a self-guided opportunity to discover what you can achieve. Community volunteers include board members, professional members of the Cayo community, community service volunteers and students, and people who walk through our doors with the gift of caring.
Everyone is welcome to stop in at 90 Burns Avenue in San Ignacio and see what can be done to help out.
For those who live abroad, volunteering and interning in Belize is a cultural experience far beyond tourism. Cornerstone programs are relatively unstructured, allowing you to plug into existing projects and/or to initiate new projects that grow out of community needs and your capabilities, interests and goals. Some projects might come to completion when you return home; others become long-term elements of the program and continue after your departure. One thing that will be guaranteed is you will enjoy a rich opportunity to make a difference, to touch hearts, and to be touched by your experience in Belize. Office volunteers experienced in web development, fundraising, volunteer recruitment, or general office work are greatly needed and can step right in and begin working immediately. Housing in a Cornerstone facility is covered by your volunteer or two-week program contribution. If you traveled before in the developing world, you'll likely be pleasantly surprised. If you haven't, you'll find the amenities fewer than those of most industrialized countries. New volunteers quickly adapt to a simpler existence, sharing a kitchen and bathroom with other volunteers. Those who reside together as a couple and families are housed in separate accommodations.
These are the programs you can work on as a volunteer:
  • Program Work (at least 3 months)
  • Office Work (at least 1 month)
  • Natural Healing (2 weeks)
  • HIV/AIDS Outreach (2 weeks)
  • Community Linking (1 week)
Please visit our website at for more information
"Never doubt that a small group of committed thoughtful citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead