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Living in Belize - Breaking News on VoIP E-mail
Expatriate Blog
Tuesday, 30 April 2013 00:00

Finally Belize is moving into the 21st Century with the breaking news that VoIP will NO longer be BLOCKED in Belize....

TODAY (APRIL 30th, 2013) will be a day to remember in Belize!!!

Thank you Dean Barrow and your team for making this decision! 

This will open up a whole new avenue for ALL the people of Belize. There are a lot of Belizeans living all over the world who will love to be able to now communicate via VoIP with their families and friends abroad.

Additionally, there are so many more advantages to the Belize community for learning opportunities such as College and University distance learning programs. The tourism industry will be greatly enhanced now that people can call into the country to address questions about their reservations without paying a full nights room rate for the call.

This decision opens up a whole world to Belize that we believe will enhance the country and bring greater opportunities to the people of Belize.

Mr. Barrow stated in his conference that BTL could lose up to $7M in revenue because of this decision. 

Well, it takes money to make money they say - 

BTL the company may lose revenue initially, however the country of Belize stands to gain significant revenue spread out among all types of businesses in Belize. And since BTL is so closely aligned with the Government of Belize it seams there could even be a great gain with this decision for the Government of Belize rather than focusing on a loss that only effects one part of the overall equation of a successful country. 

Increase the opportunity for people to prosper and you increase the possibility for a country to actually raise its GDP. 

Awesome news coming out of the Government offices of Belize!



Reference: Color Wheel Picture from Kidzone

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