US Dollar Offshore Bank Account E-mail


DOCUMENTS required for all Signatories and Directors:

  • Color Copy of Passport (Notarized in English)
  • Two Recent/Original Bank Reference Letters with a relationship of 2 yrs. plus, also to be included in letter is length of relationship, nature of business and average balances for all Signatories (If two bank references are not available, a letter of reference from your Attorney or CPA would be acceptable in lieu of the second bank reference. Request Sample Letter.) All References are verified by the bank.
  • Full address, telephone, fax, email and website address if applicable.

DOCUMENTS required for Corporate Accounts:

  • IBC Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum and Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Good Standing (If Company is older than 1 yr.)
  • Resolution of Directors and Officers and Register of Directors
  • Copy of Share Certificate (s) and Share Register

Note: If Company is registered in another Jurisdiction, all documents must be notarized



  • Application forms/Bank Mandate/Signature Cards
  • Operation and Verification of Account Agreement
  • Banking and Signing Resolution of Directors
  • Anticipated Activity for New Accounts Form giving details on business activity
  • Declaration of Source of Funds/Support documents may be requested
  • Indemnity for Verbal/Fax/Email Instructions
  • Online Banking Application
Note: Signatures on bank application forms must correspond with that in passport.


• Initial Deposit to open Account and to be maintained at all times: US $ 1,000
• Cost of Processing Bank Application: US $ 350      
• Administrative Costs (estimate) including Telephone, Fax, Photocopy & Courier: US $ 100      
TOTAL COST: US $ 450     


• + Annual Cost of Nominee Director Services with Indemnity: US $ 500
• + Annual Cost of Signatory to the Account: US $ 500
• Annual Cost of Deposits, Disbursements and Transfers: US $ 250
• Annual Cost of monthly reconciliation and forwarding of accounts: US $ 250
• Annual Cost of Mail Forwarding Services Fees: US $ 165 + Deposit expenses: US $ 50
• Introduction to Offshore Banks: US $ 200

Note: These services are only available at the anniversary date of the company.


• Maximum CASH Deposit of US $ 10,000 during calendar year
• CASH transactions limited to US $ 1,000. per day at minimum fee of US $ 30 or 3% whichever is greater
• International Visa or MasterCard Credit Cards
• International Debit Cards and Prepaid Debit Cards
• Certificate of Deposits with attractive interest rates starting at US $ 25,000. Interest Rate depends on amount of funds and time period. Present Rates range from 2.75% to 5.75% 

Contact Us

• Wire transfer services at US $ 70.00 for the U.S.A. and US $ 80.00 for other countries
• Online Banking Services available
• Services include Banker’s Checks, Standing Orders, Direct Debits, etc. (No Check Books)
• Monthly Statements available for US $ 5.00 each
• Fee of US $ 50. charged for cancellation of accounts within 3 months
• Our Cost for Closing Bank Accounts is US $ 150.00