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Belize Basketball Team

Basketball in Belize. I bumped into the Basketball team at the airport getting ready to embark on a trip to Guatemala to defend Belize and make Belizean’s proud.

Belize Seafood. Dave the Fishman in San Ignacio Town Belize

Belize Seafood. Dave is an expatriate from Scotland living in Belize for many years now. He loves stories, reading, and making lots of friends from all over the world.

Taste of Belize Competition

Taste of Belize. “Taste of Belize” is Belize’s “signature culinary competition” geared at developing the Culinary Arts in Belize

Lucas Botanical. On his farm he grows medicinal plants, fruit trees and vegetables organically.

Belize Book In the Heat

Belize Book In the Heat by Ian Vasquez. Ian, the writer, shared with me that he learned a very valuable lesson, that this book is now a visible product of Belize. He wrote his stories as a writer is instructed…

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