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Iguana on the Belize River

Belize Wildlife Gallery Belize Wildlife Gallery offers you various pictures of diverse types of animals in Belize. Enjoy the many animals of Belize Central America. View other Belize Galleries Click on the pictures to see larger view  

Iguana on the Belize River

Iguana by the Belize River

Adopt a Pet in Belize. Give an Animal a home. Consider Adopting Today! “Rocky” is a very special dog indeed and therefore needs that special human. Finding an appropriate ‘forever’ home for a pit bull mix is not easy.  All the wrong people want him for all the wrong reasons. His history is sad but his future is bright and happy.  He loves unconditionally. He lives for the moment and is a perfect companion either for an individual or a…

Scientists have confirmed the presence of a harpy eagle nest in the Maya Mountains of Belize

Hurricane Richard: The Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center is home to more than 125 animals of about 48 native species. These animals are native to Belize and are in The Belize Zoo for various reasons, most associated with rehabilitation. The Belize Zoo was hit hard during the latest hurricane in Belize. Hurricane Richard leveled most of the vegetation at The Zoo while also taking with it some exhibits and damaging both the drainage and plumbing systems. Because of the widespread…